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Blackjack Would you peek at cards?

There are number of ways to sneak a peek at the dealer's cards, like front-loading, spooking (which needs a friend) etc. Would you use these as a method of play? They have been ruled as legal, as it relies on a dealer's error, but players who rely on it have to spend a lot of time looking for a dealer with that flaw.

I'm not a fan as it is definitely playing the dealer, not the odds, cards, or casino, and if the dealers are good than a player relying on this will be out of luck (and I am old-fashioned enough that it feels like cheating). Then again, if the dealer's going to show their cards, it is their error. What do you think?
It certainly feels like cheating to me, too, and I definitely would never resort to that kind of play. I would rather spend my time honing my skills than trying to find a way to cheat.
I have watched the casinos take untold dollars from unsuspecting people. They prey on ignorance and stupidity.....as well as people who like to gamble.

They select the game, they set the rules and they then tell you you cant play because you are too good? Yes, my skills are good and I will win in the long term but on any given day, I can get murdered.

It is not my responsibility to protect their game (which BTW is what the courts said). While I, nor anyone I am associated with, will do anything illegal I will and have taken advantage of dealers who do not protect their game.

Yo should know I am also a person who informs the sales clerk or teller or whomever, if they have made and error on my behalf. Casinos are heartless leeches.

By the way, seeing a card does not in and of itself, make you a winner. You must learn new strategies to take advantage of that situation.


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If I'm playing other people then I tell whoever is banker and we chuck the hand. I've done that before. I've never seen a casino dealer who showed a card like that, so I have no idea what I'd do. Probably try and play normally anyway and try not to make it obvious I'd seen it.


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I am not a fan of playing this way. For one, it's not a solid strategy seeing as you can't always rely on it. Plus, I've just never been interested in peeking at others' cards.


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Although it is very tempting because casinos can rip people off, I don't think I would go for this option. If I win this way, I will probably feel guilty


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Seena, that is exactly how I feel about the subject. I think that if I peeked at the cards, I'd just feel terrible afterwards, no matter the outcome.