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Terms and rules


We don't over-moderate. We promote free speech and open discussion with barely any moderation. But we don't allow trolls or blatant spam. We aim to create a friendly, but honest and productive environment.

Basically you can say whatever you want. As long as you adhere to the rules, you wont be moderated.



1. No personal attacks. You can criticize someone, but don't make it personal. However, there is a certain level of tolerance in the interests of allowing free speech. For example, you might call someone "stupid" because you genuinely feel its appropriate. But following them around the forum constantly throwing personal insults is not tolerated.

3. No copyrighted material or intellectual property. It will just risk interruption of hosting. It doesn't matter if the material is from a scammer - copyrighted material must be respected.

4. Do not inhibit free expression of ideas / criticisms. Everyone should feel free to speak their mind without fear of being attacked or ridiculed. If an idea is ridiculous, then say it - but provide justification.

5. No "baiting". This is bragging about how great your system is, but you don't share anything except perhaps obscure details that lead people along. The forum is a place for open sharing.

6. No trolling. If you follow around members and annoy them when they clearly want nothing to do with you, we may restrict your posts.



We do not allow this forum to unjustly discredit honest people. If you make significant allegations against someone (and they complain), you may be asked to provide justification, or your allegations will be removed. You don't necessarily need "irrefutable proof" of allegations. Speculation is usually acceptable if reasonable given all circumstances. Our aim is to prevent blatant deception to harm others for personal reasons, while allowing justified criticism.

We take false accusations seriously, so the following rules apply:

1. If you are unjustly attacked, contact admin to resolve the matter. We will not act as a judge. But we will allow you to publish any information reasonable to refute the untrue allegations. We will carefully observe material either you or your attackers publish to better ensure both sides have equal opportunity. If you are indeed honest, the unjustified attack will have backfired because you'll receive free publicity.

2. If you attack someone, repeatedly posting the same allegations even after a response was given will not be tolerated. The forum is not your personal message board to attack other people. If you want to criticise someone, say your part and leave it alone. Your attacker should not need to repeatedly respond to the same allegations.



Members can report posts they feel violate the forum rules. Moderators do not read every post, so we need members to actively notify us of infringing material.



We do not delete accounts because this often creates "holes" throughout the forum with missing posts. Except in special circumstances upon your request, we generally don't remove posts. If you no longer wish to contribute, simply don't log back into your account.



Your job is to enforce the rules without bias. Do not abuse power, don't let it get to your head, and don't use it as an advantage in arguments or you'll be removed as moderator. You are subject to the same rules as other members. You are expected to set an example for good conduct.

Generally only popular members become moderators, so you will probably not be involved in any conflict. If this changes, you may be removed as a moderator. Try not to take it personally.

Any complaints against you are taken very seriously.



1. Promotion of products and services may only take place in the "for sale" section. Any promotional material in violation will be removed, and your posts may need approval before publishing. Obvious spammers will be banned.

2. Members are responsible for their own decisions on whether or not to purchase. We suggest you approach any offer with caution; especially if it involves the sale of gambling systems.



All members who have made a few initial posts on the forum may use the private messaging feature. New members who have just joined and not made any posts are unable to send private messages.



All members who have made a few initial posts on the forum may specify any signature to be included at the bottom of all their posts. This includes links to websites. There are some limitations such as the amount of text allowed. The more posts you have made, the fewer limitations you will have.



The providers ("we", "us", "our") of the service provided by this web site ("Service") are not responsible for any user-generated content and accounts ("Content"). Content submitted express the views of their author only. You agree to not use the Service to submit or link to any Content which is defamatory, abusive, hateful, threatening, spam or spam-like, likely to offend, contains adult or objectionable content, contains personal information of others, risks copyright infringement, encourages unlawful activity, or otherwise violates any laws. All Content you submit or upload may be reviewed by staff members. All Content you submit or upload may be sent to third-party verification services (including, but not limited to, spam prevention services). Do not submit any Content that you consider to be private or confidential. We reserve the rights to remove or modify any Content submitted for any reason without explanation. Requests for Content to be removed or modified will be undertaken only at our discretion. We reserve the right to take action against any account with the Service at any time. You are granting us with a non-exclusive, permanent, irrevocable, unlimited license to use, publish, or re-publish your Content in connection with the Service. You retain copyright over the Content. These terms may be changed at any time without notice. If you do not agree with these terms, please do not register or use this Service.