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Tipster Charlie

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Hi, my names Charlie. I’m a self acclaimed professional football tipster with over 89,000 followers on twitter and over 5 years experience when it comes to gambling. Ever since I started on twitter my main aim was to promote sensible, fun and profitable gambling and after years of dedication I’ve managed to build a massive profile for my self helping people make money through football tips.

Why should you check me out?

With daily profit/loss spread sheets, monthly reports and plenty of interactivity you’ll always know how we’re doing, you may even learn a thing or two with my detailed FH goal list, or watchlists.

I also offer pre-match selections and accumulators when I feel I’ve found a few selections I feel confident on. I’m actively researching fixtures daily, and over the years I’ve developed a deep knowledge about league’s from all over the world so not only will you have your popular European leagues but also Nordic and South American and many many others. I aim for quality bets over quantity as I feel this is the best way to maintain form and achieve a nice profit and in the past has led me on some unstoppable form of 20+ winners in a row!

The most important thing to me is my followers, I try to engage and communicate with people who follow and at times I even do a ‘Followers bet’ were we vote on a bet together based of the research I supply, I also do ‘Duel Challenges’ with other successful tipsters to try not only make people money but to provide entertainment and enjoyment. I also provide responsible gambling advice, along for a staking play on my website.

If you’re not familiar with bet tipsters, or you’ve never used Twitter I urge you to come try me for a week and I can almost guarantee sticking to my staking plan and following daily that you’ll make money and after all its free!

Twitter – @TipsterCharlie

Find my first half goal selection in the sports section!


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