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News This Is Getting Complicated

zephyr 12

This is news story about how casino's are going to tackle the problem gamblers:


This is all and fine, until you get near the end of the article.
Alcohol is legal, yet is frowned upon when too much is consumed while on the gaming floor.
Marijuana is as good as legal in Vegas, yet there are no rules in place yet........rules that they have with alcohol consumption.
They are working on ways to spot problem gamblers when they are drunk
Now they want to find ways of spotting problem gamblers when they are high.

Ugh.......Online gaming is sounding more and more attractive.


Well, whereas responsible gambling is important, I think that this is more of a reaction to the two criminal cases revolving around compulsive gambling. If it is true that 99% of the gamblers are responsible, then it would be key to find a way of discovering the minority, rather than subjecting everyone to tutorials about responsible gambling. I also see more people migrating to the online platform.