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Blackjack The worst strategy you've encountered?

Inspired by a guy who thought he should never go bust (so never hit a twelve or higher, no matter what the dealer showed) and never surrender a hand, what is the worst blackjack strategy you've seen someone use in play?

The guy above distracted me enough I changed tables, because even trying to ignore him I could see his cards and trying not to say anything was driving me up the wall.


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There was this guy who would copy the same moves as the dealer. It was a game of twenty-one and he seemed not to realize that dealers don't have a lot of skill in as far as Blackjack is concerned. They simply follow the rules that the house stipulates.
Both of these players are highly sought after by the casinos. Normally, the casino advantage is less than 1% on blackjack but for these lucky guys it will likely be over 5%.

They are simply giving money to the house.