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Telekinesis Basics


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There are plenty of frauds, and magicians can easily fake telekinesis. This doesn't discount real cases. Keep in mind everything is energy, so it it is not beyond the laws of physics. Telekinesis may not necessarily be influencing something like a roulette spin, although it may be possible. There is at least some evidence supporting possible abilities to influence Random Number Generators.


Antony Silva

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I will also add the uncontrolled waste of her abilities, which affected Kulagina's health. She spent a lot of energy to demonstrate to those around her extraordinary abilities. Did she have enough resources to compensate for this amount of energy consumption? This question cannot be answered unequivocally. Doctors warned her that experiments in parapsychology could be fatal, but the woman continued her experiments. As a result, Ninel Sergeevna Kulagina (64 years old) died. Many later claimed that unusual experiments ruined her life and severely curtailed her. Undoubtedly, Ninel Kulagina died early. The cause of death is a heart attack.


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I'm curious about this telekinesis, is it all about transferring energy to the object? What are the basics?