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Roulette Steve, I need you help with JAA?

hey Steve, I bought the 7 days trial of the JAA system, but unable to login, first problem was the emulator not working probely on the Mac, took me hours to fix problem, I fix one problem than an other one come up, I try to login to JAA software, but I can't, it said invalid Neither the username: jamesprivatmail@gmail or the password: 16jan ( the password won't work so doesn't matter post it ) I receive via email from you guys. it already wasting the 2 days out of 7 days trail(97dollar), I also write to the https://www.rouletteadvantageplay.com/contact/ support, just 1 very shot reply are connect to openvpn? and yes, very thing it set, I just need Neither a new username or new password to login or both to Jaa. please Steve help me out here, I can not continue to studying.