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Development Starting an online gambling business

A friend of mine once mentioned to that he was thinking of starting an online gambling site. I have always thought that this is the most daunting task that anyone can ever think of venturing into. Assuming you have the passion and you're past the licensing and regulatory procedures, how do you arrive at a software solution provider, especially if you have no clue about programming?


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That's a good question, randy. But if I have learnt anything at all in the past couple of decades since the internet, it's that there is no question that can't be answered by a simple search on the great Google. I'm sure someone has done it before and written a post about it.
Actually it's easier than you would think to start your very own online gambling business. After obtaining the necessary licences for the targeted jurisdiction, you just have to select a reliable iGaming software.
It may be a simple process starting your own online gambling business, but I seriously doubt that it's an easy one. That kind of business just seems to be harder than, say, creating awebsite and selling digital products.


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It might be a little harder to create that kind of business as opposed to other kinds of online businesses, but the truth is that for those who have a passion for gambling, it will be a worthwhile goal.


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Would the only thing that might be tricky be the rules around taking credit cards and storing card information? PCI DSS rules can be very strict and if you break them they can remove your ability to take credit cards. Getting the software is fine, but you'd also need a host and card-acquirer bank that can ensure the standards are met.
Hey, it might be a little off-topic, but I recently co-founded an online poker coaching academy. Me and my partner built the website in Wordpress and now we are actively involved in the digital marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) of the website.

We didn´t invest a lot of financial resources so far (еxcept those for buying a domain, wp theme & server). I know it's a competitive market, although we don't sell any gambling related products (it's not an online casino, where competition is obviously huge).

The good thing is we both have solid experience in online marketing and managed to bring lots of websites in various industries on first position in Google. Furthermore, my partner has some IT skills and I have been playing poker since 2010 with a decent profit (never had a loosing year, with a total profit of around 20k$).

So, I hope that knowing the market and how to properly optimize sites to appear high in Google will make for a nice combination. Currently we rank for some terms such as "poker coaching" and "poker lessons" on 3rd page in Google. Our goal is obviously 1st page. We also do some promotions on poker related forums, blogs etc.

The concept of the site is a little bit different than the leaders in the industry. We currently don't provide any videos, but a 1 vs 1 coaching sessions. We have lists of various experienced poker coaches where visitors can choose from them and hire them to analyze their game, find mistakes, show them how to improve and so on.

Here is the website https://ultimatepokercoaching.com if you have any suggestions for improvement or some feedback will be happy to share it with me. Thanks!
Hi there.

Firstly you need to choose a reliable software provider. This is the most important decision to make.
Secondly please specify what you want to include on your gambling website.
Check if the company you choose has flexible solutions and revenue share is suitable for you.
You can choose the solution type which best fits your needs and requirements.
Opt for White Label solution, if you do not have your own license and would like to operate under one of the licenses offered by an operator. The Turnkey solution is best for those operators that have their own license and need a platform to operate on
There are other requirements as well, such as licenses, design of the website, payment methods.