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Roulette roulette from my experience love it or leave it.

Roulette is not a game for making money , but there are many systems to use and they all have some merit ,i am not a professional gambler.
But have played for many years online , but not much at land based casinos ,crown casino being one ,there is not enough time to lay bets there , except on red and black . i have had most fun on online casinos ,but if you stick to one strategy your in trouble .
there are many roulette softwares online ,i have used some are spin4profit ,roulette assault , roulette bot pro [which they have promised to update for about four years] , because automated software does not work . if you have a good exit policy which i did have until i took it to seriously . that is the best thing to use .
But do not use wagering suggested in the software , stop after about 3 progressions , if that doesn't work try something else .
Its about 4.00 pm in oz , im going to bed ,good luck .
Roulette is not a game for making money
I'll have to disagree there. The edge you can get with roulette is far higher than any other game.

See www.roulette-computers.com but they're not legal in crown. Im from melbourne too. You can only use them legally, which is about half of Europe.

spin4profit ,roulette assault , roulette bot pro
As far as I recall they're scams. Anything that promises to beat RNG roulette (with no real wheel) would be a scam. Why? Because you cant get a win rate high enough on unpredicatble/RNG spins.

You can have short term winnings with any method though, although thats from short term variance (luck), not a legitimate long-term edge.