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Roulette Roulette Assault

Hi guys new on here...but can anyone tell me if Roulette Assault is still running ...I paid for RA about 9 yrs ago and changed computers in that time now I'm getting error messages saying it's detectid multiple atemps on un recognized software....that's right...but I still had my unlock code....it would be great to know if I re purchased RA that it would work again in 2019
Look forward to hearing from you soon and
Roulette Assault is not a scam I used it and profited from it....those people who say it is a scam didn't use it properly.. was you one of them I ask ??.. or are you just reading what other people have written.....and I did try getting hold of the guys that created it...but thanks for your input !!
Even random bets can profit short term. Sorry, it's a scam. Rather than me explain why, just see if you can fix the problem and keep playing.
Sorry but it's no scam.. your the one Im putting the triggers...it's only doing what you tell it to do... where's the scam in that... Again people did not use it properly and because they lost their money ...they call it a scam...but thanks for your input once again
Concerning that website is not using SSL for me, it is the first issue not to trust. I am not talking that they are software developers. :) However site is running almost 10 years. But do not has relevant traffic...