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Roulette Javascript automatic bot for Evolution Gaming(online casino)


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Hello guys,

we are two engineers with skills in programming and recently we did put a lot of effort in making a Javascript bot that could be able to play 24/7 on multiple tables to leverage our accounts.

First of all, this bot is compliant with any roulette table provided by Evolution gaming. So we are able to use it on crypto-based casinos like bitcasino or even on FIAT casinos like Cresus.

We wanted it lightweight but configurable so we implemented several options that are fully configurable.

The core of the betting system is quite simple : the bot will wait for a sequence of N turns without X, and then bet on X with a configurable martingale system. The number of tries that will be performed with martingale is also configurable.

This part is fully automated for red/black, 1st18/2nd18 and even/odd.

It has two martingale systems :

- regular : will do 1/2/4/8/16/32/64... and so on
- advanded : will do 1/3/7/15/31/63/127... and so on

We can configure the number of tries the bot will proceed before giving up.

To be clear, let's imagine the following example :

- We wait for 5 turns without "something"
- The bot will do 8 tries
- With the regular martingale system

If, at any time, the bot finds that there have been 5 turns without red, he will start a martingale, and proceed 8 times betting on red by doubling the amount each time.

Of course he will stop if he wins, and wait for another sequence of 5 turns without something.

This allow us to have very conservative strategies like "bet 8 times after a sequence of 10 turns without something" or more aggressive ones like "bet 4 times after a sequence of 3 turns without something". We found out it allow both of us to design something which is aligned with our personal play style.

Conservative strategies can lead to the bot not betting during a long amount of spins, meaning we were getting kicked for AFK. That's why we also added an anti-AFK mechanism : The bot will bet on red and black after a configurable amount (by default, 10) spins without starting any martingale.

We have also found that for some online casinos, it could be useful to farm loyalty points and we made a fake bet mechanism : when activated, the bot will bet each spin on red AND black, meaning that except when the 0 comes out, you'll have leveraged your total number of bets without losing any money.

The bot also displays tips about streets and columns that have not been seen until X spins to help you taking advantage of the situation. The same applies for other bets like red/black and even/odd and if you feel you want to play "manually", you can disable the auto-betting system and just follow the bot tips.

We also feature some cool stuff like Real time monitoring by displaying the number of attempted bets, the realized P&L, and so on...

Here is a quick record we made with our system, on a conservative strategy (8 spins without X) :

You can start at 1:00 and look at the table on the right where it will automatically start a sequence on 19-36 and progress until winning.


I think we've explained the most features, of course it's not a 100% winning strategy but more an automatic play tool that is using martingales to progress, which is the most basic strategy, but we found it was pretty useful for us to automate this technically.

If you have any remarks or questions, or tips about how we could improve it, we'll be happy to answer directly here or through private messages.



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We wanted it lightweight but configurable so we implemented several options that are fully configurable.