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Blogs Is Playing Casino Games With Bitcoin a Good Idea?


This is the era of technology and technological development. The industries are constantly developing their features within the technological aspect. This helps the overall operation of the businesses as well as brings a lot of new customers. Technological advancement enables companies to focus more on the services rather than the system and the operation process itself, which is why many modern companies try to offer clients the most efficient and comprehensive features.

One of the industries which are swiftly advancing in the technological direction is gambling. While it is itself one of the biggest businesses and industries in the world, online gambling has made the whole process even more exciting and completed. The online gambling industry is fully printed on the technologies and technological advancement, thus the new online casinos, as well as the older ones, try to be fair competitors on the market.

More and more gamblers started turning to online gambling rather than traditional gambling. Because of this, there are various places where you can try out your luck. Though, many gamblers are still not completely informed about the newest opportunities, which is, in this case, crypto gambling.

Crypto and Bitcoin gambling particularly has become very popular throughout the last several years. The field is relatively new and thus, not many players process the full information and are unaware of all advantages the crypto gambling offers. There are plenty of advantages when talking about Bitcoin casinos, and it has become almost inevitable to try yourself in it.

Security and safety​

Every single online casino requires players to fill out personal information such as credit card, identification code and many more. Leaving your credit card information can be risky, as it’s confidential data that can cost you a lot if not handled properly.

Luckily, with Bitcoin casino, safety and security come first. Players’ information is safeguarded, meaning you will only have to fill out your information once and make a deposit via a provided address. The current number one Bitcoin casino on the market is far safer and more secure compared to the traditional online casinos, as are its processes of playing and depositing money.


While gambling online you might have experienced or at least heard that there are quite frequent hacker attacks aiming at stealing your personal information and of course the credit card information, which is a very vulnerable topic for many customers. What really happens is that most online casinos conceal information from players, while claiming a big part of their winnings in the process. Most traditional casinos use this way to take advantage of unaware gamblers online.

Bitcoin games have increased in popularity a lot. More and more casinos try to implement the new gaming strategies and techniques which will be more affordable and interesting while playing with the Bitcoin. The crypto games do not differ from the ordinary slots, they have the same gameplay and the same features, though it has one difference. Most of those games are based on blockchain technology, which assures the safety and the security of the player and their information. This way while playing slots with Bitcoin, you know that the whole game is the same yet more secure and fair, due to the algorithm. The Bitcoin slots are only being implemented and we do not have great variety, but the technological advancement gives us hope for some better and more games.


Bitcoin casinos are the epitome of convenience, especially for players from countries where gambling is restricted. With the use of Bitcoin, they are able to access online casinos completely safe while enjoying all the perks. On the other hand, traditional online casinos do not allow such activity, as most of them prevent players from certain countries to join.

Similarly, handling your winnings is more convenient, as Bitcoin users have full access to their funds instantaneously and from anywhere in the world.

Moreover, Bitcoin casino winnings don’t succumb to any fees or have extremely low fees, and the casinos are not regulated by any institution, making transactions more affordable.

Game Variety​

Bitcoin casinos are still very new to the market, and even though there are not many of them still, their portfolios are impressive compared to some of the traditional casinos which have been operating in the market for way longer. According to the reviews and the reports, the players value a casino wide variety of games. especially those offering high profits.

Some players would be surprised to see games with a 99% payout rate in some Bitcoin casinos. The number of games with a high return percentage rate is much higher in Bitcoin casinos compared to traditional online casinos. There is almost no limit in the genre and the type of the game. You will be able to find any game starting from the regular slots, to the live dealer games.

Additional advantages​

Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, which means there is no third-party engagement in the regulation of the currency. And yes, this means that no one can take your Bitcoins away from you or freeze your account, due to the sheer absence of central regulating authority in the system. You own your money and control your transactions.

Again, owing to the absence of a single central authority that would regulate Bitcoin transactions. It is secure. Your payment information cannot be stolen away from you. Bitcoin transactions do not require any personal data to be submitted, thus protecting you from identity theft.

Customer experience​

While we all know and fully are aware that Bitcoin has many advantages as well as disadvantages, the customer experience is the most important aspect for any business, including online casino gambling. There are certain factors that contribute to the positive and negative experience.

The players who find Bitcoin gambling very exciting have outlined certain specific factors, such as low transaction costs, high-speed transactions, anonymity, and fairness of the game. While the last-mentioned point is arguable and some people do not consider Bitcoin casinos any fairer than others, overall many think that crypto gambling comes together with fair gameplay.

There is another side of the coin which comes to the operator's part. While customer experience is definitely very important, it is worth considering that the iGaming operators also appreciate certain factors in Bitcoin gambling. Those include the control over finances, which means that no third party is engaged in the process, the universality of the currency, fast procession time.

Just like advantages, there are certain disadvantages as well, which might make us consider some other options for the payment options. Those disadvantages are mostly the volatility of the coin, which is the drawback of the decentralized currency. We have already witnessed the drastic changes in the price of Bitcoin, it can jump from low to high and back low in literally no time.

One more disadvantage which is straight connected to the advantage is traceability. While anonymity is good, and it is great that no one tracks your transactions, it might be the reason for some illicit actions. For example for some countries online gambling is illegal, and through crypto payments, the local citizens basically become criminals, which is obviously a drawback as well.

Overall, Bitcoin is definitely one of the best opportunities offered by the past decade and it is increasing in popularity more and more. Many industries might switch to crypto payments fully in no time, while others may offer it as an alternative just like the gambling industry.