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General Interested in helping develop research?

We are a group of researchers based at London South Bank University. We are planning to undertake some work looking at how people think of themselves as a gambler (or a better, or a player, etc). We are also interested in looking at how these self-concepts impact on people’s gambling behaviour. We are also looking for aspects of social interactions which help people stay in control, but also risk factors which may signal a problem. All good research should start with the views of the people who have lived experience of the subject. As part of our research planning, we are really interested to hear what people who bet/gamble actually think about the questions we are exploring! To help us achieve this, we’d love to invite you to answer as many (or as few) questions from the list below to tell us what you think. This should only take a few minutes, and you’ll be helping to inform best-practice in the gaming/gambling community! We’d encourage comments on people’s comments- but please keep these respectful! If you would prefer to comment privately, please just email us at research.lsbu@gmail.com or if you have any questions or concerns you may contact fringsd@lsbu.ac.uk

Dr Dan Frings and the team at LSBU

Questions we want to explore

1) What do you think about the idea of research looking at what makes gambling ok or a problem – i.e. looking at risk factors and protective factors for gambling? Would it be relevant?

2) Is the idea of looking at peoples self-concept as a gambler (or better, players, etc.) relevant? Why (or why not?)

3) Are the social connections we have with others relevant? Why (or why not?) We are planning to use online questionnaires to collect data, and pay people to take part.

4) What do you think would encourage people to take part?

5) What do you think we could do to help ensure people provide honest responses?

6) What do you think would discourage people from taking part?