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Casinos Holiday Promotions

They are starting already. A casino I know of is having a Halloween promotion. Fifty dollar casino cards for the first 50 people in the door on Halloween.

Have any of you seen any?
I am seeing some Thanksgiving promotions around here. They are giving gifts away though and not money. I assume they will be giving away more gifts as Christmas approaches.


New Member
Seems like to me that casinos are being a little tight these days. Maybe gambling is not making money like it used to? (Doubt it, though.) I like free money to spend and free buffet coupons not to mention tickets for drawings for cars and trucks. Surely they will let loose the purse strings soon.
I don't go to the casino during the promotion drives because such events seem to draw a lot of people there. Generally, I think the gambling industry is making more money now, than ever before.
Has anyone started to get any good Christmas casino promotions yet?! I haven’t seen any near me yet and I am beginning to worry that I’m missing out!