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Baccarat Has anyone here ever heard of Zoobac?

It is supposedly a spin-off of Baccarat with a few twists. Aces have a value of 1 and picture cards 10, and when the cards have a sum greater than 10, the last digit is the value. Basic wagering is the same as in the base game: Bettors decide whether to wager on the player or the banker. The side that gets closer to 9 wins.
Where ZooBac differs from the original is with bonus bets. There are three bonus wagers in all: the rabbit, which pays up to 75:1 for a three-card hand totaling 7 points; the tiger, which pays up to 75:1 for a three-card hand totaling 8 points; and the monkey, which pays up to 150:1 for a zero-zero tie. Has anyone here ever played it and how did it go?
It's been a while since I plunged myself into matters Baccarat and this is proof that I am actually behind news. Is it also referred to as Zoo Baccarat? I am curious to know more about this.