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Guide and Info - How to do precognition


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I wasn't sure if it was worth writing this on here since most of the users seem to be obsessed with systems. While some are here for fun others seem to be too lazy or too naive to understand that you can not use systems or mathematics to beat roulette.

Having thought about this for a while I've come to realise that this maybe caused by many who have found success with precognition choosing to not reveal their methods and simply leaving the site and continue winning.

Since a few members have asked me for my method or how to do precognition. I think I will write a little guide and hopefully those that are serious can begin to use the only method (precognition) that truly beats roulette and stop pouring their money down the drain playing systems.

Before reading and starting your practice with precognition be aware that there is no guarantee that you possess the natural talent needed to make this work. For example, just like the Olympics, not everyone is able to run a 100 meters in under 10 seconds. But this does not mean it is impossible, it just means you may not have the natural psychic ability to do so.

Everything you are about to read can be found online already. I am just helping put all of it in one place to make it easier for beginners.

Having said that here is a quick starter guide for anyone interested in these ideas;

I will start with the known cases of successful application of roulette with precognition:

Also known as Kenny Thompson has written a book called 'How Did You Know' I would highly recommend you find yourself a copy as it explains some important ideas. Here is an excerpt from it regarding the method.

"Find a comfortable position to sit in. Make
sure you have your wheel or bag ready. You need
to relax your body and mind, and turn all of your
attention onto what number is coming. You’re
asking the question in your mind. Think of this and
only this in your mind. If your mind drifts onto
what you had for breakfast, you need to pause and
bring your mind back to the question. You will
immediately get information as to what the next
number will be. Allow yourself to know, to hear
your inner voice. There is a difference between
this voice and a thinking voice. It’s subtle, but it’s

1. Relax your body and mind
2. Focus on the next number and ask the question in your mind
3. You will receive information about what the next number is.
4. Listen to an inner voice and not the thinking voice.

He would see a number and play the finals. For example he would see 5 and play 5,15,25,35

Roulette Warriors
While they are from the ramtha school their methods are actually very much inline with Kenny's approach.

Here is a comment from their YouTube channel;

"I can not teach, however I can say you are supposed to have a clear mind, trance state in all focus. When I focus on the next roulette number, I just say once to myself "next roulette number" than I go blank.. no thoughts at all, and I wait for the number to appear. My brain knows what I am looking for, I don't have to be thinking about it. Hope this helps."
1. Enter a clear mind, trance state
2. Focus on the next roulette number
3. ask the question "Next roulette number"
4. Go blank... no thoughts at all
5. Wait for the number to appear
6. Your brain knows the answer and you don't have to think about it (here I believe they mean you do not need your 'thinking/chattering voice' to logically find the answer, you just know)

The most noticeable figure on this forum to demonstrate what can be achieved with precognition is NoWun.

He had been practising reiki before attempting to do this. He also practised candle meditation.

1. Relax your mind
2. Focus on an empty place
3. Wait for the numbers to appear
4. Meditate on winning in this way before you go to bed

NoWun claims he can now just know the numbers, maybe the method has changed or is just a perfecting of the previous method.

Read his thread https://www.rouletteforum.cc/index.php?topic=15635.0

General Remote Viewing
While remote viewing has been successful for me the protocols involved are too time consuming for it to be given any serious consideration in regards to roulette. You can find a vast amount of information on the internet about remote viewing since it is probably the most well known form of precognition.

==== Other ideas =====

Ancient Accounts

There is nothing particularly new or unique about precognition. Precognition has been practised since prehistory and was just a part of ever day life. Whether it was precognitive dreams or the use of other forms of divination, it has always been around. It is only in today's materialist scientific environment that we have forgotten this ability.

The videos below show what ancient precognition might have been like.

Nina kulagina demostrating clairvoyance (starts at 10:26 minutes)

Nei gong master demostrating ability to see through (starts at 5:20 minutes)

Scientific accounts
There are a countless number of papers written on this subject;
http://www.deanradin.com/articles/2018 Precognition as a Form of Prospection cns_5_1_78.pdf

Richard Alan Miller
The method for inducing extra-sensory perception through forms of self-hypnosis is:
(1) Formulate the question.
(2) Hold that thought for as long as possible.
(3) Assume that the event has occurred.
(4) Drop into a "blank mind" state and wait.

The Ultimate Roulette Method

In my opinion while it is possible to develop your precognition to achieve very high accuracy, Its almost impossible to be correct 100% of the time. With this in mind, the ultimate roulette strategy would be to have 3 expert precogs who would synchronise their predictions before placing a bet.

By only flat betting they would be correct 100% of the time.

I believe Steve has been attempting to test something along these lines in a controlled experiment. https://www.rouletteforum.cc/index.php?topic=18276.0

Esoteric ideas

Daemons (not demons but guiding spirits). Maybe the ancients didn't know about the subconscious mind like we do today and referred to it as 'spirits'. But we can be sure they definitely understood the phenomena of precognition since they believed the reason some people were luckier than others was due to their Daemons 'guiding spirits'

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Regardless of who wrote it, I think we can agree it is clearly a work of genius. It teaches you the steps to take in order to attain a state of samadhi. Once you are in this state who will be able to achieve the siddhis. One of the siddhis is precognition.

Holographic Universe

Read Itzhak Bentov's stalking the wild pendulum

==== Conclusion ====

To make this work you will need many hours of practice, well above a 1,000 hours as a minimum requirement depending on your natural talent. But once you have a desire to make this work do the following steps;
1. Learn to still your mind
2. Learn to listen to the inner voice

To still your mind you will obviously need to learn to meditate. It can be as simple as breath meditation or you can practice candle or jhana/concentration meditation.

To listen to the inner voice you need to be able to stop your chattering thoughts. There are many tutorials and examples to do this.

When it comes time to practice. I would suggest you first start small. Just do simple black and red guesses so that you do not get demotivated after some time move on to 3 choice tests and then 4 or 5 choice tests.

Then move on to zener cards.
Once you can predict 9/25 cards correctly using the zener card tests you are ready to attempt roulette.

When you see (or know) a number play its finals. Similar to the way Kenny plays. If you see 5 you play 5,15,25,35.

Once you become very confident that you can get a hit in every 4 spins while playing finals, you can alternate between finals and dozens. Play dozens (with a progression) to recoup any loses because you will now almost always get dozens correct.

Good LUCK!! and believe.


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The biggest problem I think is people lack the patience. Because you'll see pockets of success. The ability is like an ON OR OFF switch that keeps flickering, until you shut your thinking mind up.

It takes time and patience. And in the end, it leads to other areas where you don't care about money anymore.

Basically precognition definitely works. At least I've seen and experienced enough to believe this beyond reasonable doubt. But most players lack the discipline for something as simple as visual ballistics / AP. Even fewer people would have discipline to develop precognition.


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Thanks for setting this up (I saw the thread on another site). Yep I’ve also experienced enough to be convinced it is real but let myself down by a lack of patience and discipline. I’ll go back to zener cards for a while and try and build it back up again.

Antony Silva

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I am using the association technique. You need to identify which words you associate with trance and pronounce them. I can describe this technique in detail and others if interested. By the way, you can make such a topic)))


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I am using the association technique. You need to identify which words you associate with trance and pronounce them. I can describe this technique in detail and others if interested. By the way, you can make such a topic)))
Do you mean you are associating words with numbers and are trying to see or hear the word instead of the number?


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Steve’s point of shutting the thinking mind up is where I struggle the most. I have had some success in just accepting that my mind will try and come up with numbers no matter how relaxed or focus I am so either in my minds eye or staring at a blank wall I give it a place to put all the random numbers that it comes up with. If I then watch this area, observing rather than participating, as if detached from whatever is coming up with these numbers, I find numbers subtly drifting in to the side of this area after a short while. By some success I mean it either works at a very decent rate of success in any given session or I don’t get anything at all drifting in.


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FWIW, I’m currently #22 on the rated game at roulette simulator using the above method, let down by times when I should have stopped when nothing was happening. Anyway, steady progress....


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I'm fully behind precog. I've been saying for years it's likely to be the future of professional playing.

But it takes a certain kind of mindset that, when reached, you wont be particularly interested in money. The concept of casinos is somewhat polar opposite to the required mindset, so its a bit of a paradox.