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Roulette Go for live casino

One of my grandfather was gambler..who bet with others and always win.after sometime people stopped playing with him cause they always losses if he start play.he was not allow to play in any place...for this reason he started felling longly and started to drunk and take drugs last time he died without treatment for money..he gave me one stone and told me when i will go for play anywhere the stone will be with me in my pocket. And my all money will be on my same pocket i will spent them from the pocket and after win cash in the money in same pocket.when money will fullfill the pocket need to stop the play and retun to home.retuning to home if u found mosque or church temple donate somsomething... But he told me to play only Saturday and Monday after Evening.in real life i dont see any place where i can gamble by sitting not over online..my bad luck