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Blogs Free Slot Games on Slotpark

Eric Stieber

New Member
Online Casinos have become very popular these days and many people want to spend their time by playing casino games. However, there are few online casinos that we can 100% trust. Some are either insecure, the information gets lost, money is missing; some of them are quite spammy and some are just not working properly, it takes forever to load and the graphics are really bad.

How often did this happen to you? You opened an online casino site and you were spammed with ads, pop-up pages, random and annoying messages and who knows, maybe some viruses too. It happened to me often and I can say on behalf of all gamblers, that this is the worst thing that can happen when looking for an online casino.

Every player wants to join an online casino that has high quality games, is very secure and on top of that, a casino that is serious. A casino that gives the player that “home” like feeling and that attracts people by its simplicity. This is our call, today I want to present one of the casinos I’ve discovered recently, a casino that made me feel very safe and that has some cool games and that casino is Slotpark.

Slotpark is a new online casino that is mainly based on slot games. This casino features the most popular and new slot games from Novoline. When you first open the site, you will notice the characters from popular slot games such as Book of Ra and Lucky Lady’s Charm. Then you will notice the games and at the bottom of the site, some specifications. Of course you can access the site and try every game out, but that will take some time to finish all slots.

This casino pretty much started off as apps, if I’m not wrong, I recall playing games on my phone and tablet that had the name Slotpark in it. But now that it’s finally an online platform you can sit comfortably in bed with your laptop and choose a slot game to play.

Regarding the games, if you open one game you might notice that it has really high quality graphic and entertaining sound effects. After a while the sounds effects and background music might get annoying, so you will be able to switch off the sounds and continue playing. However, when you start playing the games, you will notice that you don’t have to follow special rules on these games, it’s just the basic slot game rules that every online casino has. In other words, it’s going to be very easy to play slots and even win!

A good feature this casino offers is the fact that you don’t have to register to play any games. You don’t need to download anything. All you need to do is to click the game and start playing. I was amazed by this and it made me want to play more and more. Maybe in the future you will need a registration account, but for now, I guess now that the casino is new, they will let you try it out free.

Even though this casino is new, it offers some free bonuses. There is a daily bonus challenge that seemed to me quite interesting. You can find out more about this bonus challenge when you click on the “news” section of the site. It’s pretty interesting that this casino already offers bonuses, given the fact that it is a brand new casino. But there are quite a few which are interesting and should be checked out.

Regarding the casino itself, I believe it’s a safe place to play your favourite games, especially because you don’t need to register. You don’t have to give additional information, just play the game and have fun. It depends on every gambler where they want to play and relax themselves. There are many casinos that offer the same games, but in most of them you will have to register. Maybe you just want to try that game out, or just play slots once in your life to see how it is. I don’t see the point in registering if you’re not going to be an active member, so it’s better that this casino has no registration needed.

Fancy playing some Free Slots? If the answer is “yes”, then feel free and try the games Slotpark is providing you with. It literally doesn’t cost you a thing and instead of watching TV, I think it’s better if we play slots. Slots are fun games, with simple rules and they’re very fun! I don’t think there is a gambler that says he or she hates slots (they say that only if they don’t win actually). The point is, it’s free and I think that’s enough of a reason to check it out at least.