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Poker Bluffing

I came across a clip in which Daniel Negreanu, a top Poker player, was talking about how bluffing is an important part of the game. I keep wondering about what a player can do in order to improve mind reading skills so that bluffing isn't just for the sake of it?
The basic theory behind bluffing in poker is to suggest to your opponent or opponents that your hand is stronger than it really is. This can be achieved at any point during the hand and may, in fact, involve betting out more than once. The main distinction between bluffs is between a ‘pure bluff’ (where you have no chance to win the showdown if called) and the ‘Semi-bluff’ (where there are ways for your hand to be the winner if you do get called). The flop is an important consideration when considering bluffing in poker. Some flops are more suitable for bluffs than others. Usually if a flop is ‘draw-heavy’ (that is, it contains a number of flush or straight draws) you should bluff less. This is because you will not know whether someone who calls has a made hand already or a draw to a flush (for example). This can make your decisions later in the hand more difficult.