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General Bitcoin - Do you use bitcoin to deposit at online casinos?

I was wondering how many people here have ever used bitcoin to deposit at an online casino. I see it being accepted by more and more online casinos and some land based casinos in Las Vegas.
Its nice opportunity to pay for deposit)

Yeas, I also saw btc accept, I'm glad about moving our world progress.

Also, it's easy for people who keep their money in crypto.

I think it will be developing more and more)
That's a good question Theo!
From my point of view, using Bitcoin to deposit at an online casino is safer than dollar itself!
Also, if you like cash in your paypal that is no big deal. Just get your coins into Bitcoin, Etherem, Bitcoin Cash, or Litecoin and sell them for USD at Gdax then transfer that to you Coinbase for free, you got cash in your Paypal. After you do that a few times you will get tired of the back and forth and forget you have a paypal. It makes you sad when you sale your BTC for $8000/BTC and 2 days later they are worth $20,000/BTC. Then you want some bitcoin and you realize your USD can buy less the half of what you had a few days ago.
The thing is that, bitcoin or cryptocurrency in general has the decentralized nature which reduces the authority control and guarantees the value and safety. Dollar can be printed anytime but it does not work the same way for bitcoin. Relying on blockchain technology is much better than those FED liars.
Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies have a good future
This is a universal currency that does not require conversion. Current gambling trends lead to the fact that the cryptocurrency will soon take the main places in the Internet payments. Including in gambling


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There are many bitcoin casinos, nevertheless, that don't possess licenses. This is a risk to your personal data, if the website has any of it. It might be a good idea not to convert winnings from bitcoin gambling into your local currency if it's illegal to gamble online in your country