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Blackjack Betting on other player's hands?


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I've seen a few sites where people say they make money playing basic strategy, but make the extra betting on other people's hands as well as their own when the count is right. Can you do that? Where I play, even if the dealer accepted it which most don't, that would be considered rude and cause trouble at the table. It's like you're saying the player doesn't know how to bet.
I've never considered that, either, but I can see how it would be enticing to other people who want to make the most of their time at the blackjack tables.
Not very common or accepted in US but does occur occasionally. I will double down for player if he does not want to or does not have the money but this is tricky and an agreement has to be made about who gets what very quickly. Be careful.

For example: Player does not have money to double down and I ask If I can do that for him and he agrees. I put up the double down money and he plays and wins (remember he has control of playing decisions) and then returns my money and keep all the winnings. When asked he said he thought my money was just a loan.

Back betting is very common and accepted in Australia.


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I agree that betting on another player's hand is common in Australia, Europe and Asia. Where this is allowed, an active box can hold bets of up to three people.

I've heard it said that modern etiquette requires that in back betting, the back-line gamblers should always allow the seated player to make the moves.


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I've never played in Australia, which might be why I've never encountered it. It is really fascinating how gambling culture and etiquette changes from place to place. @Stealth, I'll bet if the double down had lost he would have claimed it was your bet and your loss...