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Roulette Banned because of winning


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I use the Henry Sugar method and haven't been banned yet. Time will tell I suppose. They would have by now if $37,000 mattered.


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Hi what's this system your using?
Not really a system Naim, more of a method. Google "The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar" by Roald Dahl. I use the method mentioned in the story.

It took me around 18 months of daily practice to get good with it, but now I win almost all the time. I haven't had a losing session in well over 12 months, so long in fact that I forget the last time I lost one. I don't win every spin, but I do win every session. A session can be anywhere from 4-100 spins, with the average around 20 spins. My goal is to win 100 units every session, which happens more often than not. Units can be $0.01 - $10, but I generally use $1.
I used $10 chips in a B&M casino because I had to, but got a bit too much attention for my liking. Getting multiple hits consecutively betting on 1-4 numbers does that, so I don't play in B&M casinos anymore. There is only one here where I live and it's too hard to be anonymous.

I posted a few videos on Steve's other site, you can find them on Youtube as well.
Nowun most people wouldn't believe you. But i believe anyone who put the time and effort into it would likely succeed. It at least has a better chance than the martingale


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Not something I worry about Steve, probably better if they don't. Most would not put in the amount of time it takes to practice anyway. Too much effort.

Who wants to put in months of practice to win millions with little or no effort, when you can throw away thousands by following silly mechanical systems that are bound to fail.


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Ok tell me the game plan??
Obviously you didn't read the story about Henry Sugar or you wouldn't be asking such inane questions. Here it is attached, I will be happy to answer sensible questions once you have read the story.

Sounds like Balvinder Sambhi who got banned for playing 4numbets that never show up,. But good luck ..
This is nothing like it, if you had read the story you would already know that.


Just because this was the way he won, that doesn't assure that everyone using his system will win as much as well. Casino's reset their wheels all the time to keep this sort of thing from happening with regularity. Casino's are in business because THEY make money, not US.
With that sort of money, you could run away, have some plastic surgery, and no one would ever catch you!
Can you imagine getting that much money? Woooow-eeee
You'd only have to do that a couple of times a year wouldn't you.
I dont believe the story. He won less than £40,000GBP that is not a lot of money for the casino to get worried to ban him. Of he had won £400,000 I would find the story more believeable. Besides there are people who win big in casinos. I think the guy may have done something else other than jusy win a couple tens of thousands for him to get banned.