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Roulette Advantages of playing online?


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What are some of the advantages or disadvantages of playing roulette online as opposed to physically playing at the casino?


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There are lots of advantages to playing online. There is the fact that you don't have to travel and you can play from the safety of your own home. Also, you get to play any time that you like and you get smaller stakes than when you play live.


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When you say 'for a professional' what do you mean, steve? Would it be different for a beginner? Would you maybe advise that someone who is starting out not play online?


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There are a lot of advantages to playing online it seems. I always had this idea that playing online was riskier than playing live and there was a possiblility of getting ripped off by the software and so on. I guess I was wrong.
I've been reading threads here where some players are expressing some serious concern about palying online and I am starting to wonder if it's worth the security risk to your information that it poses.
Because you can bet as low as 1 dollar in on line casinos, it is a great place to just practice your strategy moves..
some are better than others as in any biz . some are scams so be careful selecting the casino to play with real money.
go to wizard of odds to practice on a nice table for free.. he has no pay tables
this site is free and he rates and makes recommendations for some of the on line casinos. I live in MD and can't play for real money on line and I wish I could.
Its up for vote again next year and I have my fingers crossed...the wizard explains what makes a good on line casino. ones that are monitored and have lic is a starter.. if you want to know anything about gambling odds this is the site.. its a jewel for folks like us.
cheers.. Its hard to practice on a 10 dollar table if you are trying a system you like, on line is especially good for that