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Roulette A betting strategy

My opinion is that in Roulette, it is better to stick to one strategy, rather to keep trying to see which one can/will work. All the same, there is no strategy that will make any player an overnight sensation.

What strategy do you use? I have a limit for how far I can go, even when winning. You may easily end up losing all your winnings.
I don't have a strategy as such, I've never really found one that makes sense. Instead I just treat roulette as a huge game of chance, nothing more.

So I just bet on one colour, depending which way my mood takes me, and a number or two if I get a feeling !! :D
@MonkeyGirl, you actually need a strategy to make winnings more of a surety. I love to liken gambling to the game of chess. I remember when I just use to play blindly, until I decided to get serious and develop a strategy. My level of skill has never remained the same since then. I hope that one day, I will be able to replicate the same scenario in gambling.
I guess I don't ever play roulette expecting to win. For me it's just a bit of fun to have a few spins and try my luck.

I'll leave the strategies to those far far more clever than me!


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I agree that this game has no strategy that I can see. Other than picking colors and the side bets, can one really predict the number that will come up? I don't think so but the 50/50 chance of color is alright just not as profitable.
Strategies are often the children of tips, so here is some fatherly advice. Whatever strategy you use, try to keep the number 5 out of it. The house edge is always roughly 2% greater when the number 5 is involved. Most experienced players agree with this.
Betting strategy is a structured approach to gambling, in the attempt to produce a profit. Betting systems are often predicted on statistical analysis. One betting system provides far greater returns than the others, while one drops you out pretty quickly.

Bet everything, proportional betting, fixed wager ( the more formal term for a bet)

Martingale: The strategy had the gambler double his bet after every loss so that the first win would recover all previous losses plus win a profit equal to the original stake.

Fibonacci: Fibonacci (the sequence is set of numbers ) that starts with a one or a zero, followed by a one, and proceeds based on the rule that each number is equal to the sum of the preceding two numbers.
Betting strategy is a structured approach to gambling, in the attempt to produce a profit. Betting systems are often predicted on statistical analysis. One betting system provides far greater returns than the others, while one drops you out pretty quickly.
Very true Tuskin. Would we therefore say that sticking to just one strategy is dangerous considering the variance in betting strategies? Everyone always wants to maximize their winnings.
Make no mistake, roulette is a mathematical game that perfectly favours the casino. I read a stat the other day that the house edge in Europe is 2.3% and in the US 5.3%! So, without eliminating this house edge, there is no guarantee that any roulette 'strategy' would help you beat the house in the long run.

There are mathematical and tactical sequences developed to try and reduce the house edge, however, there are no 'perfect strategies' for roulette. *Research some of the below on Google and learn more about them:

- Martingale Roulette System
- Reverse Martingale
- Labouchere Roulette System
- D’Alembert Roulette System
- Cover The Table
- Reverse D’Alembert
- Oscar’s Grind
- Fibonacci Roulette System
- Reverse Fibonacci

*I must reiterate nothing is guaranteed to win.
Now that you mention it @John Elshaw, is there any form of gambling that doesn't favor the house/casino? In my opinion, gambling is designed in such a way that a small portion of the population will perhaps win but at the end of the day, the house will always have the advantage. If that wasn't the case, then gambling would really be a profitable business.
As with any business, the first priority is for them to win, then you later.

Anyone who offers any service, consultancy, work etc. is winning first because they're getting guaranteed income from you. Then you win if you get the end result they promised.

Within gambling, it's slightly different because you don't always win, obviously.

Crap metaphor but I'm sure you understand my point?


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Hi every one. I use old strategy, but it work beter for real game, in online casino i think program know it way and you lose anyway!
So, it easy, just bet only on black or only on red. If you lose, bet again on same color and raise (Double rate). Logic in what black or red cant be all time, once fall and your color and you recoup.
I use the Reverse Martingale most of the time. I think it's important to familiarise yourself with each strategy and intricately record data on days, times and strategies you use. Of course, you can't remind record the numbers that come out each time you play, but by doing the aforementioned you might be able to better guide yourself on what works for you.

Just a thought and whether it's a placebo effect or not, I have found it makes me more comfortable and profitable in the long run.
I understand the house edge on French roulette tables is only about 1/2 or 2.6 percent than the us tables due to the single 0
and some casinos have European tables..