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Community $20,000 Cash Prize To Post or Refer New Members


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Members can now win up to $20,000 in cash for contributing posts or referring new members.

How it Works

Every 100 posts you make gives you 1 "ticket" to win. And every 100 posts made by members you refer gives you 1 extra "ticket". So the more posts you make, and the more members you refer, the greater your chance of winning.

Earning Tickets From Referrals

1. Go to your profile page and click "Referral Tools".

2. You will see something like below:


These are three options to refer new members:

a. Using your referral link: You can use your unique "Referral Link" to send other people. If they click your link and join, you will receive credit for the referral.

b. Recommending a thread or post: You can enter the URL of a specific forum thread or post in the "Generate Referral Link" area. Then the link generated will direct people to the page you specified AND if they also join the forum, you are credited with the referral. This is a good option if you visit other forums and want to share an interesting thread from this forum.

c. Sending invitation emails: Use this form to send invitation emails to your friends. There is a limit to 5 emails per day. You must not send spam or invitations to people you don't know. If we receive any complaints, you will be ineligible to win.

Earning Tickets By Posting

Every 100 valid posts you have made since your account's registration earns you 1 ticket.

Terms and Conditions


1. Entry is free, but you must be a member of this forum.

2. The competition closes when the forum's total amount of posts reaches 150,000 or 30th June 2018 (whichever is later).

3. Winners will be drawn within 7 days of the competition closing. Winners (forum usernames only) and prizes will be announced on this website, and winners will be informed directly via email.


4. Within 7 days of the competition's closing, we will determine how many "tickets" have been earned by each member.

5. Each ticket will be assigned a random number from 1 to however many tickets are earned. The random number correlating to each ticket shall be known as the "Ticket RNG Number".

6. Using a random number generator key from bitbabbler.org, we will generate 3 random numbers between 1 and however many tickets are earned.

7. Members who correspond to the drawn "Ticket RNG Numbers" will be awarded the prizes set forth below.


8. Prizes are set forth below:

First drawn "Ticket RNG Number"

Second drawn "Ticket RNG Number"

Third drawn "Ticket RNG Number"

9. All amounts are in Australian Dollars. Payments are made within 15 days of winners being announced.


The competition is open to any registered member of this forum, without limitation of country of residence. The entrant will become inelligible to win if, in our view, they have engaged in unethical conduct in attempt to increase their chances of winning. This includes but is not limited to spamming.


11. Only posts that meet all the below requirements will be considered "valid":
  • not from a "spammy" account
  • adheres to forum rules
  • wholly original, and not copyrighted or published elsewhere
12. The definition of a "spammy" account is an account that, in our view, "contains a significant amount of short, irrelevant, re-written or copied content that is likely to be as such to manipulatively inflate an account's amount of posts."


13. Statistics displaying referrals, and the amount posts they have made, are visible in each member's profile area.


14. This competition is conducted in accordance with the laws of Victoria, Australia.


What is often called ruthless; may only be clarity
I'll be glad when this "contest" is finished as then we might just get back to casino and gambling discussions instead of the inane blather that continues to get posted every day by pseudo new members attempting to win some prize.

Luckily it's easy enough to just scan over 99% of the content for now.

I personally think the next "new member" who posts about how great their Martingale system is working should win the prize!



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Accounts that have loads of vague or thin posts won't qualify for a prize as per the terms. The forum is still new and just finding its feet. But as per my recent post there will be contributions from professional APs soon. Some are probably starting today with more coming.

This won't be just another forum. It won't be a place for unconscionable conduct either. Its value will take a big leap shortly.


What is often called ruthless; may only be clarity
Accounts that have loads of vague or thin posts won't qualify for a prize as per the terms. The forum is still new and just finding its feet.

Thanks for the clarification.