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Slots Source code for slot machine


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I read a thread asking about this. I have source code from a real 90s slot. Its for a programmable chip without an operating system like Windows. I understand the code vaguely and each reel icon has a set probability of appearing. It uses a psuedo number generator that does an API call to other hardware. So its not even clear but it might use a combination if psuedo and random noise.

The skinny is I dont think you can even beat a 90s slot with a betting system. You would need another approach. Like casino comps. Think outside the norm. Comps arent exactly a winning method but its one way of getting very good value for money if you live off entertainment.


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Source code from the past can be made as a foundation of the current programs used on slot machines. We don't know if they still use that kind of design given the dynamic shift of every software companies. They might use new kinds of method or arguments in their source code to straighten the security of their slot programs.