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Long winning streaks

Does my esp get involved in the above two cases?

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  • Blackjack and video poker

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New Member
I have esp many times, but seldom enough in gambling, with the exception of once at Jackpot Nevada being able to predict EVERY card coming out of a blackjack shoe for about 25 minutes. I was telling the players whether to take a hit or not. The dealer busted 13 times straight. 3 Pit bosses looking on. The woman dealer got so frustrated she threw the cards all over the table and floor, and demanded new decks. I proceeded to keep on predicting for more hands. Anyone have similar experience?
Also, playing video poker at 3 different casinos, in 3 different cities, hit a royal flush 12 times in 12 days, in five trips without a single losing day in between. $11,250 Total wins. What are the odds?