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Services For sale 50% of corporate rights in the Company in Kenya (Slot Pesa Limited, Nairobi, Kenya)

Vadym Barsukov

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Commercial Offer
● Sale price: USD 300,000.
● Object of sale: 50% of corporate rights in the Company.
● Description of the Company: Slot Pesa (Nairobi, Kenya). 50% of corporate rights in the Company belong to the Kenyan company Lucky Bet and the other 50% of corporate rights belong to the Ukrainian party. The object of sale is the corporate rights of the Ukrainian party.
The Slot Pesa Company was created in October 2015 for the purpose of conducting a gambling business in the field of opening and operation of slot machine rooms in different formats. On the grounds of the contract on joint activities with the Kenyan company Lucky Bet (our partner and license holder) Slot Pesa Company operates its gambling business in Kenya on a completely legal basis according to the general license for a pilot project of development of slot machine rooms throughout the entire territory of Kenya. The company is the only legally operating enterprise in this area of the market.
● Partners and responsibilities: The Lucky Bet company, our Kenyan partners (who currently own 50% of corporate rights in the Company) carry out legal support of the business, provide business security, and also interact with the tax and gambling commissions etc.
● Assets: There are 10 slot machine rooms currently opened and successfully operated in Nairobi and its nearby suburbs. As the Ukrainian party’s asset in the company there are: 150 slot machines (class: Igrosoft, MegaJack), full set of furniture for gambling equipment, spare parts required for repairs of the machines, complete set of equipment and necessary means required for technical support of the company’s work, and a car. In addition to this, the Ukrainian party has prepared for shipment from Ukraine to Kenya a container with the following equipment: 83 slot machines (class: Novomatic 623; Igrosoft, MegaJack, Odrex with touch screens), furniture required for a given number of slot machines, spare parts for repairs (including 155 monitors, other spare parts, which are enough for at least 2-3 years of technical support of the business) and advertising for 20 rooms. Considering the number of remaining slot machines at the warehouse and a container ready for dispatch, there emerges a technical opportunity of opening of another 8-10 slot machine rooms. The Ukrainian party also already has an online control system for operation of slot machines, developed and prepared for operation in Kenya, with a local jackpot system and the ability to control the business anywhere in the world.
● Employees: The Company employs highly qualified experts in the field of gambling business. The supervisor maintains continuous training of operators from the local population as the required reserve employees in the company. The company also has its own qualified accountant and security. The Director of the company is a top manager with 20 years of experience in gambling business, as well as the experience of work in African countries.
● Market and competitors: Such area of gambling business as running slot machine rooms is currently quite new for Kenya, and taking into account the population of Nairobi (about 5 million people) and the entire Kenya (about 50 million people), as well as the global trends and gambling business practices, it is a very promising business area. Also, a competent state policy aimed to limit the issuance of licenses in this area of gambling business, as well as constant fighting against illegal gambling rooms and the absence of competition without a shadow of a doubt promote great prospects for development.
● Stats and financial docs: If you are interested in purchasing the object of sale, we are ready to provide statistical and financial reports on the performance of slot machine rooms for any period of activity and confirm them by the relevant documents. Competent investment and business policy of the Company’s shareholders resulted in full payback and profitability of the slot machine rooms, on the whole.
● Cooperation: As part of the future cooperation, the Ukrainian party can supply to Kenya any gambling equipment, spare parts for machines as well as the equipment required for further installation of online jackpot systems in the rooms. Pricing policy in Ukraine (where gambling business is prohibited) in this business area is much less expensive than in Kenya, where gambling business is rapidly developing.
● Causes: Why the Ukrainian party decided to sell its 50% of corporate rights are a lack of own investment abilities to continue development of the business. The decision has taken by the owners about to change business specialization and location.
● In case, if you are interested, it is possible to discuss payment options for the object of sale.

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