General UK gambling machines loaded with AI 'cool off' system

Yesterday the BBC published news regarding the update to all UK slot terminals with the new artificial intelligence (AI) Anonymous Player Awareness System. If erratic or excessive play is detected the software locks out the player for a short while (apparently not long enough but it is a start). The staff also receive alerts about players who are locked out so they can decide whether they should have a chat with them.

As a person who plays casino games (mostly slots though) and who has friends who have gambling addiction tendencies I think this is a good start. Although my friend who has previously gambled away half his salary on a drunken night out with colleagues, spends his money at a real brick n mortar casino not on a slot terminal. The wife has put him in place and he knows what he did was wrong, he's not done it again recently but yeah he does get angry at himself for not being self disciplined enough.

What do you guys think about this news?

Unfortunately I cannot post a link but you can google the title above.