Community new guy here

Hallo everyone.
My name is James, and im from Denmark.
What bring me? actually im was playing roulette online for a while, and try to look for some strategy to win, but I failed, most of them on YouTube is BS because I some of those so call system, it win in shot term, but I win many many time, but just 1 loss from those progression system, it blow 2 of my bankroll already, I realise it no way you can win Roulette, it perfectly designed to f**k over player in longterm, in the end casino alway win. but then I cross a YouTube call Roulette Physics I guess is the admin aka Steve the creator of JAA system, but all the videos was so old, but it was interesting, it something very different strategy from all other Bull crap videos, in other to beat the roulette it not about the inside or outside bet to be focus on, the wheel and scatter diamond etc. I watched all videos and red most the articles on the website and now im here, im also bought the 7days trials of the JAA system, it was free for 5 days trail and of course some idiot abuse it. and then again I still waiting to receive it, I am not looking for easy not won't work. but long story short, I am happy be here, I hope I will Learn from the pro Roulette player.