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I did a lot of research when I was moving there in 2015. My original plan was to rent short term and then buy. I ended up renting in Henderson, but more for the apartments dog park than for any other reason.
I decided not to buy when I found out the typical house there had not increased in value in a decade. There were wild swings, up and down but the bottom line was someone who owned a house in 2006 hadn't seen what is usually their biggest investment increase in value in a decade.
If I were looking to buy or rent today, I'd look on the west side. Summerlin is great, but expensive. Arlington Ranch and the developments off Blue Diamond are nice, but are somewhat lacking in amenities just now. That will change in the next few years. The area between Tropicana and Desert Inn, around Durango or Fort Apache seemed like where you got the most bang for your buck.
Green Valley is nice but expensive, as are the properties south of St Rose Parkway.

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