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The purpose of this thread will be twofold.

Fold One

The first fold of this thread will be for the general discussion of NCAA Basketball. Basketball is a sport in which players must bounce a spherical projectile repeatedly, though they may also pass this projectile to one another, with the eventual goal of causing the projectile to drop through a circumferential ring known as, "The hoop."

Sometimes, a player may effectuate the passage of the projectile through the circumferential ring not only with great force, but often with a certain degree of gusto, or flourish. This event is known as a, "Slam dunk," and is very exciting. In fact, sometimes there are contests consisting of an undefended player causing this event to unfold.

Anyway, I hope that you will discuss NCAA (which is a college athletic association) basketball in this thread. I would also like everyone to know that it is NOT called an interception if someone on the opposing team catches a pass not intended for him, but rather a steal. Other things can also be steals. You can steal the ball even when there is no attempt at a pass, but that is not a fumble, but rather, is still called a steal.

There are other similarities between basketball and hockey. To wit, they are the sports that people sometimes care about, but only under the condition that NFL Season is over. Some people even care about these sports during NFL Season, if you can believe such a thing! I do not know why. There are 489 regular season games in both basketball and hockey, plenty of time to wait for NFL Season to end before caring about these other sports.

Fold Two

On behalf of the National Association of Greedy AP's, I would like to announce another Free Roll contest.

This contest will consist of picking winners in the National Collegiate Athletic Association's Annual Invitational Basketball Tournament, more frequently referred to as, "March Madness." Much like the game of basketball itself, this contest has rules, and here they are:


There are potentially six prizes in this tournament and will be as follows:

1st Place: $100
2nd Place: $50
3rd Place: $25

Elite Eighty Prize: $80 + $10 (The $10 is a donation from Kuma from the WoV Picks Game)

Pick 5 for $50: $50


1.) In order to ENTER this game, an individual much be a registered participant at (hereafter called, "Member") on or before 14:00 Eastern Standard Time on this 12th of February, year of our Lord, Anno Domini, Twenty and Two-Thousand.

2.) In order to receive a reminder to make your Picks, you must make a post in this thread of some kind. Alternatively, you will receive a reminder if you participated in the main WoV NFL Picks Game of 2019, so there will be no need to make a post, but please do so if you want to.

3.) You can make Picks without receiving a reminder, the choice is yours.

4.) The manner by which PICKS should be made will be as follows:

Each member shall present six lists which MUST be headed as follows:


Separately, you will also pick any TWO TEAMS you wish to appear in the Finals and what the score of that game will be. You are not required to do this, but you should if you wish to have a chance to win in the event of a tie. These two teams DO NOT have to necessarily agree with your championship game main list.

Under these headings, each member must list all of the teams that said member expects to reach that level of the tournament. These picks often known as, "Brackets," will all be presented at once. We will now discuss the scoring mechanism:


***You may see the bottom for an example of a good entry.

4a.) For both the Round of 32 and Sweet Sixteen Picks, when correct, the member shall receive 25% of the team's seed value in points. For example, if the member successfully advances a #1 seed to these two levels, then the member will receive 0.25 points each time this happens. If the player advances a #12 seed successfully, on the other hand, then the player will receive three points each time for doing that.

4b.) Elite Eight will be scored as two points for each correct team. Final Four will be scored as four points for each correct team. The Championship Game will award six points for each correct team. Finally, there will be eight points awarded for correctly picking the champion.


Your lists MUST agree with each other. In other words, you may not have a team in the Sweet Sixteen that you did not first advance to the Round of 32 and so on and so forth. Every time this happens, the player will receive -1 point AND will be disqualified from winning the You Suck prize automatically.


In the unlikely event of a points tie for any paying prize, the tie will be adjudicated by each member having picked two teams (and score) for the championship game. The order of preference will be as follows:

---Both teams correct, winner correct.
---Both teams correct, winner wrong.
---One team correct, winner correct.
---One team correct, winner wrong.
---No teams correct***

***In the event that neither member correctly picks one team for the championship game, then it will be resolved by the TOTAL number of points the two teams that they DID PICK scored throughout the tournament. If this ends up being a tie, then it's just a tie.

6.) PICK REMINDERS: Pick Reminders will be sent to all who played the 2019 WoV NFL Picks Game as well as all who participate in this thread as soon as practical to the announcement of who the teams in the tournament are.

6a.) PLAY-IN GAMES: Reminders will likely go out before play-in games have taken place. You can wait for those games before making picks if you wish, or pick them anyway.

7.) PICKS DUE: In any case, lists are due on or before 23:59 Eastern Standard Time Wednesday, March 18th, 2020.

8.) GRADING: In order to make it easier on myself, I will attempt to keep grading as current as possible in a separate OFFICIAL THREAD, which I will start the day prior to the tournament beginning. The first post in that thread will be a running list of current standings.

9.) The YOU SUCK prize winner will have scored the fewest points. A tie will be decided by which player's two championship game picks (listed separately) scored the fewest total points in the tournament.


1.) The Elite $80 prize shall be awarded to the player who has a perfect Elite Eight bracket. If none, then the prize is not paid.

2.) If the Elite Eighty Prize has no winner, then the $10 from Kuma will instead be added to the Pick 5 for $50 Lottery Prize.

3.) Your Elite Eight from your normal lists will automatically qualify you for this Entry. However, if you wish to select a different Elite Eight for the purpose of this prize, (the Elite Eight from your main entry will no longer be used for this prize if you do this) then you may do that.

3a.) If you choose to avail yourself of RULE 3, then you must clearly label that section: ELITE EIGHTY PICKS

4.) Ties will be resolved the same way as the main game.


1.) This is very easy, simply pick five numbers from 1-64 at the bottom of your submission.

2.) Prior to each tournament round, another APPLE PHONE USER (would you like to volunteer?) will get on FaceTime with me and I will use in order to select five numbers from 1-64.

2a.) For each number that you have correct, you will be credited with one point.*** The five lottery numbers will be selected prior to all six tournament rounds and then one more time after the tournament is complete.

***These have nothing to do with main game points.

3.) A tie in points will be resolved the same way as the main game.

4.) In the extremely unlikely event nobody matches a single number, this prize will not be paid.


You MAY NOT PARTICIPATE in only the lottery game. However, you may participate in the Elite Eighty game and Lottery Game only, if you wish. You may also participate in any combination of 1-3 games IF the main game is one of them. Of course, if you participate in the Main Game, then you automatically are participating in Elite $80 as your main game list would be used.



Park University (8)
West Virginia Northern Community College (1)
University of Phoenix Online (11)
DeVry University: (9)
The Art Institute of Pittsburgh (14)
Trump University (7)
Potomac State College of West Virginia University (4)
Community College of Allegheny County (5)
Rocky Balboa School of Neuroscience (12)
John Gruden's QB Camp (3)
Hellmann's Mayonnaise Academy of the Arts (15)
The Institute of Tom Brady (2)
The Lucifer Morningstar Academy of Business (3)
The Pontius Pilate Institution of Hard Knocks (5)
The Harley Quinn School of Design (2)

---and on and on. You get it, 32 teams and their seeds. Same thing with Sweet Sixteen. Rounds Elite Eight and beyond do not necessarily have to include seed ranking.


West Virginia Northern Community College 87 v. Rocky Balboa School of Neuroscience 73


Park University (8) v. West Virginia Northern Community College (1)
University of Phoenix Online (11) v. DeVry University: (9)
The Art Institute of Pittsburgh (14) v. Trump University (7)
Potomac State College of West Virginia University (4) v. Community College of Allegheny County (5)

Pick 5 for $50 Lottery:

14, 29, 35, 7, 19

Thank you to everyone and I hope we all have a good time! Even though it hurts your EV, please encourage folks to play. I have given a period of approximately twenty-four (24) hours for new folks to sign up for this site if they wish to play this game.

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