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Keno & Lottery Ion Saliu NUTJOB (aka Saliu.com, Parpaluck) Charlatan


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Ion Saliu is a serious NUTJOB. He is a real bonafide mental case. He's a gambling system scammer who sells books and useless software. His website Saliu.com is a scam to promote useless books and software he writes to sell.

If you want it simple, he's an old insane guy behind a keyboard, who sells junk and spends all his time trolling on message boards to keep his scam alive. Yup he really might be INSANE.

If you are going to waste your time you will find this is the truth. I am hoping here to save you the time.

Here is this guy and how he looks.

He acts like a nutjob in this video, because he is a nutjob.

Instead of winning in casinos he writes and sells his useless books and makes insane claims he discovered math that was taught in grade schools even before he was born. Like many I believe he is clinically insane. There aren't that many people who you can say really might be insane. This is one of them.

Ion Saliu (aka Parpaluck, aka Saliu.com) has been shunned and banned from virtually every gambling forum. The only people who pay attention to his verbal nonsensical diarrhea are desperate gamblers who are new to gambling.

Ion's defensive comments towards anyone who exposes his quackery for what it is are attacked by Ion and accused by him as being part of a global conspiracy to stop everyone from spreading secrets of winning. Ion Saliu has not achieved any success in gambling and is not considered by any reputable authorities as as expert in the slightest. The only reason anyone even knows him in the first place is because he has trolled forums for decades.

You could consider Ion Saliu just another internet troll selling books and telling everyone he's an expert. If you dare to explain to him the problems with his theories and formulas, he will accuse you of being part of a global conspiracy instead of someone capable of rational thought.

Like most deranged trolls, Ion Saliu obviously loves the attention and actively creates controversy. This seems to be mostly an attention-seeking thing. I dont think anyone who isn't new doesn't see him as a real kook. He is a classic narcissistic troll, blissfully unaware he's an insane old guy behind a computer. He's an expert, only in his own mind. Disconnected from reality.

Ion's understanding of basic gambling mathematics is very poor. It doesn't appear he has any formal qualifications.

He says one of his best achievements is the FFG which he calls the FUNDAMENTAL FORMULA OF GAMBLING.

A simple explanation of this useless theory is the more you toss a coin, the greater the chances that the opposing side will eventually win. Ion Saliu lacks the education to understand his life's work and grand theory (which he holds in such high esteem) is only basic statistics taught in schools since before he was born.

Imagine your life work being the discovery the more a coin is tossed, the higher the chance of heads eventually winning. Then proclaiming to the world you made this fantastic new discovery. Then you have Ion Saliu. Beware, folks. People like this really exist.

Ion writes pages after pages of nonsensical trash to explain this axiomatic and obvious principle. Even worse he promotes himself as the founder of this principle, and sells it in his books as an indispensable formula that allows anyone to beat any random gambling game.

It isn't the only thing Ion says he created or discovered. To say he is delusional means this in every sense of the word. He really is not all there. He considers himself a highly intelligent gambling god who discovered how to beat any random game, and that anyone who dares have rational thought must be part of the conspiracy.

He gives some really pathetic advice even most newbies would give, because they know better. Any cretin with half a brain can test his complete systems and see what I'm talking about. Although you only need half a brain to know his theories are bullshit and his head is in the clouds.

Someone should probably remind him he's just actually just a really slow old guy, with a mess of bad understandings of reality, mathematics, gambling, and how the world really is, and he should stop scamming people to support his retirement.

Next imagine a website full of gross misunderstandings of basic statistics, and egotistical delusional rants, then you have Ion's website: Saliu.com. Saying he fell off his rocking chair is putting it mildly.

I'm not one to pick on an old guy with dementia. He still has enough marbles rolling around up stairs to know he is another lying scammer selling false dreams to desperate gamblers.

Is he just trying to sell books, or is he really insane? This is what he says about his apparently secret formula:

"The degree of certainty DC rises exponentially with the increase in the number of trials N while the probability p is always the same or constant."

"Simultaneously, the opposite event, the losing chance, decreases exponentially with an increase in the number of trials."

This really is the tip of the iceberg. Ion Saliu's website is page after page of similar deluded trash whereby he makes a mess of statistical analysis, and established facts about gambling.

Make no mistake, folks. Ion Saliu is a charlatan. He has almost no real experience as a professional gambler in any capacity. He is a writer and publisher of useless books, he wants you to buy. If you dare to explain his mistakes, he will attack you ruthlessly with a wall of garbage. This is just what scammers do.

Most people haven't even heard of him. People that have heard of him only know of him because he trolls forums to sell his book and spam his links. He is banned now from almost every forum because he is incapable of rational discussion and taking or responding to fair criticism.

You could be new to him and reading about him the first time. This is being published not as a conspiracy to hide secrets of gambling. There is no conspuracy as he would like you to believe. Ion is just a mentally derranged old guy behind a keyboard who sells books by spamming on forums.

At least hopefully this message will save new people time.
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Ion Saliu's bullshit theories promise to beat any random game. The crap in his websites is either useless theory like his FUNDAMENTAL FORMULA OF GAMBLING that tells you nothing useful, or he gives an equally useless system.

First you need to get through his bad and roundabout explanations to make sense of what he is saying. Then you look at basically what he is saying. Then you realize you just wasted an hour of your life to understand a bad and incorrect theory.


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Try as you will to discuss anything with Ion Saliu and you will get nowhere. In a serious way this guy is clinically insane as has no place on the internet especially selling dreams to desperate gamblers. This is what makes a silly old fool behind his computer and in retirement a real community problem.