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Slots Are there any online slots you recommend that payout? Please. Thank you : )


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Are there any online slots you recommend that actually payout, maybe lower bet where you could still win without having to bet dozens for each spin (closer to the 0.25, 0.50, 1.00 kind)?

Have conducted testing of various sites, betting both the minimum and the maximum with all Paylines activated (about $125.00 USD per bet) using the practice modes instead of real plays with actual $ and basically cannot win at all unless I’d increase the bets on those sites (there’s no way of winning with a quarter or two each spin, have to reenter credits each time because it always runs out).

Would appreciate if those of you that are successful and winning share the slots with the best results that could be played online.

Quite in the need of $ asap, lol.

Thank you : )